August 2020 General Meeting

Now that restrictions have lifted sufficiently, the August General Meeting of the Chrysler Car Club of SA will be conducted at the West Adelaide Football Club. Yay!

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 4th August commencing at 7:30pm.

To keep everyone safe, along with rules WAFC has in place, we will be implementing a some extra measures for the next few meetings.

  • If you are feeling unwell, for any reason, please DO NOT ATTEND the meeting
  • Please observe social distancing guidelines and keep 1.5m apart
  • To assist with distancing, seating will be “theatre style” in rows with spacing between chairs and rows. (i.e. There will not be the usual tables to sit at.). Please do not rearrange chairs.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance. Please use it and/or wash your hands
  • There will be NO supper or tea & coffee provided. Coffee can be purchased at the bar.
  • Meals will be available from the kitchen beforehand, but, as there will be no tables in the room, you will need to eat in the bistro or main bar areas if coming for dinner
  • There will be no sign-in or buy-sell-swap book
  • We will operate one entrance at the back of the room and one exit through the double doors at the front of the room
  • Di Hastwell and Paul Williams will greet you as you come through the entrance, and add your details to the sign-in book to record who attended on the night. All members and visitors will be required to identify themselves for the meeting.
  • Buy/sell/swap will be conducted in the old way by going round the room at the end of the night

Handling of money/paperwork/log books

  • If you are coming to the meeting expecting to have your membership processed or log books replaced on the night, this will not be happening.
  • If you haven’t already renewed we strongly encourage you to do that via the website at This is the most efficient way for us to process your renewal and reduces errors in translating from the paper forms to the membership database. If you don’t have a computer you can use your phone or get a family member to help you out.
  • If you insist on paying by cash/cheques, you will need to put them in an envelope on which you are asked to write your name & membership number and place it in a container. We will process your membership in due course in the week after the meeting. We will post a new membership card once processed.
  • Log books requiring replacement will need to be placed in a separate envelope on which you should write your name and RETURN POSTAL ADDRESS and placed in another container. These will also be processed in due course and returned to you via post, in the envelope you write on (so get your address right!). Hint – if you’re holding on to them for the meeting, you might be better posting them as you’ll likely get them back sooner!
  • Please bring your own pen, we will not be supplying pens on the night

It’s not all ideal, but as we’ve seen in Victoria, it doesn’t take much for COVID to grab a hold again and we end up back in lockdown. We want to keep our members and volunteers safe and well but still be able to meet in person.

Kind regards,

The CCCSA Committee

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