Concessional Club Registration

Club Registration is a service that the Chrysler Car Club of SA facilitates for its members in order that they can access the reduced registration costs for their eligible vehicles. Details on the scheme can be found on the Transport Department’s web site.

As from 1st July, 2022, vehicles are eligible for the scheme if:

  • 25 years or more have elapsed since 1 January of the year in which the vehicle was manufactured, or the vehicle is a Street Rod, and
  • the vehicle is legally registered to operate on South Australian roads

Please consult the Club Registration Code of Practice brochure on the Department of Transport site for further information.

For you to be eligible for this service, you first must be a paid up financial member of the Chrysler Car Club of SA. You can apply for membership by completing the Membership Application and submitting it with your membership fees.

We accept all Chrysler and related (Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto etc.) vehicles into our club. At the discretion of the Committee, we will also process Club Registration for non-Chrysler makes. Note that the general rule of thumb is that you must have at least one Chrysler vehicle on the scheme through our club before we will accept subsequent, non-Chrysler vehicles.

Membership of the Chrysler Car Club of SA commences on receipt of your completed application AND membership fees. (See our constitution and regulations for details.)

After your membership commences, you will need to arrange with the Club to present your vehicle for inspection.

Inspections, issuing of paperwork etc. are performed at our monthly general meetings, at the conclusion of the meeting. Inspections do not need to be booked/pre-arranged.

The process to achieve Club Registration for your vehicle is outlined below:

  1. You must be a current Financial Member of the Chrysler Car Club of South Australia.
  2. Your vehicle must be presented for inspection at a monthly general meeting so that the club can determine acceptability and record the vehicle details in our club records.
  3. An Authorised Officer will then complete an MR334 Form which you need to sign in person.
  4. You must take the MR334 Form to a Service SA Customer Centre and use it to enable registration of your vehicle for 1, 2 or 3 years under the concessional arrangements of the Club Registration Scheme.
  5. You must then get a Log Book from the Chrysler Car Club of SA before you can drive the vehicle.
  6. Once you receive your log book, you can drive the vehicle on the Club Registration Scheme for up to 90 days per year so long as you remain a financial member of the log book issuing Club.

Log books are issued to each eligible vehicle by the Club and the process whereby you receive your log book will vary depending on administrative capabilities at that time. You should allow 2 to 4 weeks to receive your log book after the vehicle inspection.

Once your vehicle is on the Scheme, to maintain eligibility for your vehicle to remain on the Scheme, you must ensure that you do the following each and every year.

  • You must renew your Club membership when it is due on June 30th each year.
  • You must have your log book endorsed every year by a Club Authorised Officer.
  • You must notify the Club in writing if you dispose of the vehicle and you must return the log book for cancelling – Conditional Registration is not transferrable.

You should also note that vehicle road-worthiness and the legality of any vehicle modifications remain the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner.

If your log book is lost or stolen it can only be replaced on receipt of a statutory declaration or police report (in the case of it being stolen).