Constitution Changes and Regulations

Notification is hereby given that at the Annual General Meeting on 7th August, 2018, the following Special Resolution will be put to members:

“That the rules of the Chrysler Car Club of SA be replaced, in their entirety, by the new Constitution and Regulations dated August 2018.”

Reason for the change:

The current CCCSA constitution has been around for a few years and, while still functional, does not reflect best practice for a modern set of rules.

The CCCSA Committee have developed a new, constitution, based on a model recommended by the SA Government department for Consumer and Business Services (CBS) (see Example Rules in an Incorporated Association).

In line with best practice, we have broken out a number of rules into a set of Regulations. Regulations can be changed by a general meeting and don’t require us to notify the CBS of updates. Changes to the Constitution, on the other hand, require us to submit changes to the government and a payment must be made to do so. Regulations are generally ‘local rules’ that can be developed at the discretion of the Committee.

A copy of the updated Constitution and the new Regulations documents can be found at the links below:

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