Membership Renewal and Historic Inspection Day – Sunday 21st June

Membership Renewal and Historic Inspection Day – Sunday 21st June

The annual Membership and Historic Registration/Inspection day is being held on Sunday 21st June from 9am at the Clubrooms.

Time to renew your membership and declare that your historically registered vehicle/s meet the eligibility requirements.

If you have vehicles on the Historic Registration scheme, you MUST renew your membership before the 30th of June each year. If you are not a financial member and you drive your historically registered vehicle, you are committing an offence. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you renew your membership on this day or at the June general meeting, not the Club’s.

THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD FOR MEMBERSHIP EXPIRY – you must renew by 30th June to remain eligible for Historic Registration.

To assist members to renew their membership the Club Committee members and volunteer helpers, including the Vehicle Inspection Team, will give their time for an entire Sunday to provide you with this service.


SUNDAY June 21st – 9am to 4pm
(As announced at the General Meetings)


(Where we have the General Meetings)

What do you need to bring?

  • You
  • Your membership card – so we can update it
  • Money ($40 for membership + $10 for each Historically Registered Vehicle)
  • Your Vehicle (if we haven’t seen it recently).
  • Your current Registration Papers
  • Your Log Book(s)
  • Your completed Membership Renewal Form (Links to these forms are below)
  • Your completed and endorsed Statutory Declaration (Links to these forms are below)

You will need to complete a Statutory Declaration for your Historically Registered vehicles and have it signed by an authorised witness (JP, Police Officer or Commissioner for taking Oaths). It is a good idea to get the form completed and witnessed prior to the day as there may not be a JP in attendance.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. If you have any queries, please contact the club on 0412 426 360.

Please note that this day is for vehicles ALREADY ON THE SCHEME. If you wish to add a vehicle to the scheme you should make arrangements with Stuart Croser to have your vehicle inspected at a general meeting.

There will be a BBQ and drinks available on the day. It’s also a good chance to check out the many member’s vehicles that don’t come out for most of the rest of the year.

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