Proposed Constitution Changes

The current CCCSA constitution has been around for a few years and, while still functional, does not reflect best practice for a modern set of rules.

The CCCSA Committee have developed a new, draft constitution, based on a model recommended by the SA Government department for Consumer and Business Services (CBS) (see Example Rules in an Incorporated Association).

In line with best practice, we have broken out a number of rules into a set of Regulations. Regulations can be changed by a general meeting and don’t require us to notify the CBS of updates. Changes to the Constitution, on the other hand, require us to submit changes to the government and a payment must be made to do so. Regulations are generally ‘local rules’ that can be developed at the discretion of the Committee.

The Committee intend to put these changes to the AGM in August 2018 for ratification by the members. We are seeking feedback from members prior to the July meeting so that we can release a final version to all members for perusal and approval. Please review the draft constitution and regulations at the links below, as well as the current constitution.

To simplify things, in the above documents, existing clauses that are the same word for word are highlighted in green, clauses with slightly amended wording are highlighted in grey and new clauses are not highlighted at all. Note that there are no significant changes in intent of the Constitution and some redundant clauses have been removed.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the club mobile (0412 426 360), or use the Contact Us page or speak to a committee member.

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